Almanac Art (pen and ink): Game by the Beach

Boys love a muddy oval (and a bit of footy, too).

AFL Grand Final: Let There Be Football

  Right now it’s past midnight. Tomorrow. Saturday. Grand-damn-Final day! Praise be and hallelujah Grand! Final! When jets play on jets. Champions are put on Champions. Redemption stories are put on redemption stories. One tale to be confirmed, etched in stone. The other to be shattered and fade like false dawns. I’ve said it before, [Read more]

crio’s Q: Of long stops and long sleeves

What a winter! I’ve driven past some bogs in recent weeks, marvelling at where the full back could find footing for his kick-in. Some grounds are just sodden, others mudheaps. “The Age” on Monday highlighted the conditions for the VWFL (NW Div) GF here With Junior finals proliferating I assume Almaknackers have been to some [Read more]

The best game I never saw

Rotten, Gnawing, Lime-Green Jealousy. There had been record rainfall. You hear that a lot, but sometimes it’s true. My team didn’t make the finals, so, fuck it, a mate and I went for a drive. The car was facing east when we got into it, so we drove east. It was that simple. No plans, [Read more]