Almanac Other Sports – Great Sporting Weekend for Aussies and American Haters

Peter Baulderstone wakens to a beautiful set of numbers on Monday morning. Australian victories in golf and motor racing all over the world. Throw in a couple of Brits and an Italian (and the Eagles and Swan Districts). Not an American in sight. What’s not to like?

Speed, racer

The serious injury to F1 driver Jacques Bianchi has Matt Watson wondering about the role of speed and danger in our love of motor racing.

The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Twelve

Greetings Tipsters Your correspondent is currently leading his tipping competition. I’d like to say that I have fantastical insights or a rigourously well-informed analytical system happening but the truth is that I think about them for about as long as it takes to click on the dots on the tipping website. Dumb luck? Partly, luck [Read more]

Death Tracks; Beyond Motordrome

The spectre of danger, even death, has done little harm to motorsport’s mass appeal. But the attrition rates of the ‘motordromes’, which predated the Great Depression, were something else. As a world champion racer of penny farthings, it’s quaintly absurd that engineer Jack Prince’s second stab at fame would be to kick start the most [Read more]