The 2018 Garo Yepremian Cup

Earl O’Neill wraps up Round 2, puts some teams on notice and uses some of the best movie one-liners to describe the situation in some coaches boxes.

The First Ever Almanac Psychological Profile and Questionnaire: 100 Quick Questions (No fence sitting allowed)

“Take a seat on ze couch pliss. Dr Curtain vil be vis you shortly… “[really liking this one! – Ed]

Good Friday Blues: Life of Bryce

Peter Baulderstone thinks that no club is better suited to Good Friday footy than Carlton. The answers to all the Blue’s problems were contained in Monty Python’s “Life of Bryce”.

Third Test – Day 4: What have the Romans ever done for us? (The English team as Life of Brian)

Sean Curtain eavesdrops on the English team meeting. We are as good as the Aussies, apart from……………….