Almanac Cricket: Remembering Dean Jones in the Tied Test (an extract from Mike Sexton’s book ‘Border’s Battlers’)

Dean Jones died in September 2020 while in India, the country where he played (arguably) his greatest innings. We relive this innings and the Madras (now Chennai) tied Test through these two extracts from Mike Sexton’s fine book ‘Border’s Battlers’. Vale Dean Jones.

Neil Sachse: A determined father spreads an important message

With the passing of Neil Sachse, we revisit this excerpt from Mike Sexton’s book about Neil. This is an introduction to Neil Sachse, the nature of spinal injury, the advances made in understanding and management, and Neil’s foundation. The Almanac extends our condolences to the Sachse family.

Almanac (Indigenous) Footy History: Syd Jackson and the 2020 Sir Doug Nicholls Round

It’s Sir Doug Nicholls Round and this post includes links to various articles and videos about Syd Jackson and the broader history of Indigenous football and footballers in Australia. (Articles by Sean Gorman, Roy Hay, Mike Sexton, Rod Gillett)

Knowing your drop kick from your screw punt: Wally Miller’s ‘Coaching the art of kicking’

South Australia’s quintessential 1963 kicking manual has been unearthed. What secrets does it hold?

Almanac Book Review – The Eagles Almanac 2018: First published in Perth’s Sunday Times

Tony Barrass, father of Tom, has written a tremendous piece about The Eagles Almanac 2018 for The Sunday Times and Perth Now. Read it here.

Almanac Footy History: In search of the best roving pairs

Who are the mightiest mosquitoes ever to have buzzed around the football packs? Some suggestions from Messrs Sexton and Coventry. Thoughts?

Mike Sexton’s 7.30 piece on John Coleman

John Coleman is regarded as one of the greatest talents of footy.

Recently Doug Ackerley published a biography of Coleman. Also, film footage of Coleman has been discovered.

Mike Sexton reported on this Coleman coincidence for 730.

Neil Kerley at 80 (from SA 7.30)

Mike Sexton’s interview with Neil Kerley. Twilight wisdom from a mighty character. [Unfortunately the video is no longer available]