Middle Australia: Which way is up for Essendon?

Who’d have thought such rigorous, reasoned thinking would come from Middle Australia (and that The Editor of The Middle Australia Report is a Bombers fan is a nice complication).

Likes attract

The thing I like about sport is the non-sporting vagaries it throws up. There has been an example this week in the pairing of Bernard Tomic and James Magnussen from disparate codes.

Middle Australia Report: Tomic the Tank Engine II

Enough is enough. Bernard Tomic should no longer be allowed to play for Australia in Davis Cup or even be supported by Tennis Australia after his appalling display in last weekend’s Davis Cup tie against Germany. We commented on what a dud he was at the US Open when he didn’t try in his match [Read more]

The Middle Australia Report: Oscar and other curiosities

Does anyone else see the irony in Oscar Pistorius claim that the 200m race at the Paralympics was unfair because the bloke who beat him, Brazilian Alain Oliveira, had different prosthetics to him? What would have happened if Pistorius had won the 400m at the Olympics and an ablebodied athlete had complained? I dare say there would have been an outrage from the PC community.