Almanac Music: almost alone at a Mick Thomas gig

Duets are really meant for two. Even poorly sung it needs two voices. Just like going to a Mick Thomas gig. I shouldn’t be here alone. I should be here with Steve.

Grand Final Entertainment

John Harms elaborates on his suggestion (on ABCTV’s Offsiders) to include Paul Kelly and Mick Thomas in the Grand Final pre-match – every year. [Who else would you include? Ed]

Round 6 – GWS v Hawthorn: A Tale They Won’t Believe

Kath Presdee brings a Weddings, Parties, Anything flavour to her take on the Giants defeat of the reigning premiers.

How to Watch Footy, Part 6

Vin Maskell explains another way of experiencing the great game – this time on ANZAC Day

Almanac Rugby League – Rosemary and Football

At the door to my (outside) study, there is a healthy rosemary bush. It usually reminds me of happy times: roast dinners, especially, which the kids look forward to. “Can you get me some rosemary please?” I ask Theo, the oldest, as I start clattering trays from the oven. And thus begins the process of [Read more]