Almanac Teams: Super Eights (1980- )

To start off your working week, Rodney Boyd is back again with another of his best sides from the past 40-odd years. This week is Number 8; it includes a couple of thylacines and one current player who plays as smooth as his nickname suggests.

They shall not be forgotten years. Richmond: 1981 – 2016: An occasional series of reflections on the triumphs and tragedies that made 2017 so worth the wait

The Tigers’ 1st term blitz on the weekend got Stainless thinking about a previous such occasion. Does anyone remember the Doug Cox controversy?

Tasmania – Let The Footy Flow…

Another Tassie footy vignette, this time a melodic take from Apple Isler Cranky Pete.

Late 70s Tassie State Teams – Changing Times

Tasmania was not immune to the changing social mores of the late 70s, as these team photos depict. Who went on to the big time, who stayed home but could have been anything?

Era, era on the wall; 1977-1986

Jeff Dowsing continues with his fantastic look at bygone football eras. Many think the 70s and 80s where the greatest in footy. Actually they nearly killed but ultimately saved football. A must read for students of the game.

1980 A Personal Footy Almanac – Round 18, Saturday 2 August, v Footscray, VFL Park

Richmond’s hold on the coveted top spot may be suddenly looking tenuous, but I’m feeling carefree today as I ignore the steady rain and catch the early bus out to Waverley from Nunawading. Mid-year exams are over. In a week that saw the release of AC/DC’s immortal album “Back in Black”, I’m ashamed to admit [Read more]