AFL 1997 – Twenty Years On: Introduction and The Coaches

Can 1997 really be two decades ago? Apparently so, as Swish introduces this pictorial series covering the coaches and players from the 1997 AFL season.

Round 3 – Carlton v Essendon: Wading through troubled waters

John Butler looks at the troubles that have haunted both teams since 2000 and where they may be heading in the future. For now, Carlton have the bragging rights for 2017.

Malthouse you Dunce

T Robb with a quick quiz for the Carlton faithful.

Baulking the truth

There is no place for failure in football. I understand this. I’d make a terrible footballer, despite the fact I once kept Justin Murphy to 4.7 in an HDJFL game circa 1986….. However, I would like to know if the elite champion footballer ever hits a wall they can’t break through? Juddy, Browny, Hirdy, Buckley…you [Read more]

Lethal or Mick? A hypothetical

  by Jeff Dowsing If you flat out refuse to deal in hypotheticals, then by all means click the ‘back’ button now. Fair enough too, I’m not usually one for hypotheticals either, it’s a bit too Bruce McAvaney for my liking. Actually Bruce, or more so his employer, lead me to my subject. Seven has certainly [Read more]