The Ashes 1989 – Second Test scrapbook

It’s amazing what you find when rummaging through things at home! ER found a scrapbook he’d produced of the 1989 Ashes Test series. Here is his record of the Second Test at Lord’s.

The Ashes 1989 – First Test scrapbook

Check out this scrapbook of articles from the First Test of the 1989 Ashes tour, 30 years on. Articles sourced from The Age by correspondent Martin Blake.

Almanac (Australian) Cricket: Beset by crisis because the system is spoiled

This is the regression we had to have.  In ironmike20’s life, Australian cricket has suffered three great crises and rebounded.  This crisis is self-inflicted, but a setback is an opportunity for a comeback.  The Aussies have done it before and can do it again a passionate Mike claims.

The Ashes – Fourth Test: Have a go you Mugs!

Malby Dangles remembers a slow day at the MCG Test in 1990-91 and considers the place of overly circumspect batting in this MCG Test just finished.

Allan Border’s Form Slump

A little poemsy from Damian Balassone.

Blinds Deaf and Clueless. Four things you will never see?

Don’t want to be adjudged out Timed Out, Handling the Ball, Hitting the Ball Twice or Obstructing the Field while batting? Local cricket umpire Phil Hill explains some of these lesser known Laws of Cricket.

Almanac Cricket: An Australian WACA XI

Dave Brown looks at the numbers, and some other things, to pick an Australian XI for the WACA test

In the line of fire?

An impassioned plea from Dave Brown for the short-pitched delivery to remain an integral part of Test Cricket

Melbourne Premier Cricket: And the winner is…Footscray!

Mic Rees loved every minute of the Premier Cricket Grand Final.

1988-89 – a love letter

It’s 25 years since Brutas Mudcake discovered cricket. Curtly Ambrose. Cricket cards. Mervmania. It does not rank as one of the most memorable seasons in cricket history on the surface but to a seven year old, it was magical. But could we possibly beat the Windies?

An offer I couldn’t refuse

  by Mic Rees I recently received an invitation to attend the Footscray Edgewater Cricket Club’s 12th annual Chairman’s Luncheon. After some procrastination I foolhardily knocked back the generous offer. Fortunately my wife and a few work colleges told me that my original decision to decline was one of gross stupidity and I should reconsider. [Read more]