Almanac Cricket: Kew v Power House – The Spirit of Cricket

Phil Hill loves his cricket having played and umpired in the Mercantile Cricket Association all his adult life. And, the spirit of the game is well and truly alive as he recounts the goodwill displayed between teams in a recent game he umpired.

Helmets and Parachutes

High pressure hoses, parachutes & helmets, and the laws of cricket. What does it all mean? Phil Hill explains.

Vale Dick Perrin: 88 Not Out

Phil Hill’s tribute to a great friend.

Almanac Cricket: Blind, Deaf and Clueless. The Season Starts.

With the start of a new cricket season everyone seems a bit rusty, as our resident cricket umpire Phil Hill explains even the umpires can get it wrong.

Almanac Cricket: Blind, Deaf and Clueless – A Park Cricket Umpire Speaks

Look out for the LBW decision if you are team captain says park cricket umpire Phil Hill. He loves giving you out!