Almanac Poetry: Wednesday Evening, St Matthew’s Anglican Church, East Geelong

KD is back after his annual break with a poem about Evensong.

Albany…I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it

Ian Wilson has a complex relationship with this ocean-side city south of Perth generally known for its natural beauty.

Almanac Short Story: The Dead Pocket

Make yourself a cuppa or crack open a beer and sit down to enjoy this fine short story about a footy club and a coach and a past and a present, by Murray Walding.

The Ashes 1989 – Fourth Test scrapbook

Take yourself back to 1989. If Australia wins the Fourth Test at Old Trafford, Australia wins the Ashes…

Tell me about ‘Polly’

Anna Pavlou reverts to family and memories to pay her respects to the passing of Graham ‘Polly’ Farmer, the revolutionary Geelong ruckman and footballing figure.

The Ashes – Fourth Test, Day 3: The Rivalry of the Century

Anna Pavlou gets her first look at Ashes cricket, from the MCC Members of all places. With a trip to the MCC Library included, she’s off to a great start! (Sounds like the perfect day to me, Anna – great stuff – ED)

The Day I Earned My Place in the Dream Team

Alex Darling remembers the day for Hampton Rovers U10s when he finally felt that he belonged.

Global Revolutions

Mickey Randall reminisces about the many wonders of his standing world globe, and the simple joys that come hand-in-hand with it.

Elimination Final: North Melbourne versus Essendon: Memories Worth Bottling

For Kangaroo fan Andrew Starkie, one particular passage of play in last week’s Elimination Final instantly became a memory worth bottling.

Crio’s Question : Unexpected Joys?

Crio shares some of the unexpected sporting classics he chanced upon. What are your memories of a great encounter you saw by accident?

A wake and a celebration at the kennel

The Doggies did it again for Jon Hilton’s family, who celebrated Jon’s life on Sunday. Footy continues to bring joy to all.

A photo from the past

Smokie Dawson recently received a copy of a photo of his Under 11s team and was surprised by what he saw.


Andrew Starkie sat alone with his father-in-law, Max, for the first time at Christmas. Conversation flowed once he asked him about his life’s journey.