Melbourne Uni Blacks Win VAFA Premier Division Title for First Time in 40 Years

Quietly jubilant, The Black Hack writes a delightful report of the VAFA Premier Division Grand Final.

Jack Clancy: man of substance

Ray Wilson’s tribute to Jack Clancy who was involved with the Melbourne Uni Blacks for six decades. Jack Clancy, Ray says, had a profound influence on so many people.

VAFA: Melbourne Uni Blacks v Old Scotch

The Black Hack reports on Melbourne Uni Blacks’ Round 9 matches.

Grand Final bliss as Blacks jump the Shark

The Black Hack awakes from a dual premiership celebration-induced slumber to post his recollections of a memorable day for the Melbourne Uni Blacks in the Ammos Grand Final.

Melbourne Uni Blacks: Where country meets city

Following their promotion to the VAFA premier grade, Thomas Dullard highlights the connection the Melbourne Uni Blacks have forged with country footy.

Blacks spin a win as Pitt rises from the mud

BACKS SOLID AS A ROCK LOBSTER After a final week of Olympics-gazing, your narrator was thoroughly looking forward to his Saturday ritual of following the Black and Blue (and black shorts and socks) across Melbourne. As I began my journey, I began to consider all of the venues I’ve visited and the feelings that each [Read more]

Blacks fail to bounce back as Bloods loss cuts deep

BLOODS SPEARED BY RUSTY NAIL AS BLACKS GRAB INFECTIOUS VICTORY Although most local footy fans in Melbourne would have been rejoicing at the sight of brilliant sunshine last Saturday morning, your correspondent was unfortunately feeling the pinch.  After a heavy week of overnight sports viewing including Tour De France, Australia v England cricket and Wimbledon, [Read more]