Footys4All in Fiji

Michael Gallus has a charity called Footys4All. He gets sporting equipment from all over the place and gets it into far flung places. He also gets Almanacs to kids all over the South Pacific.

Rebels mark two opt for substance over stardust

Tim Ladhams thinks the Melbourne Rebels rugby union franchise have chosen substance over style this season, and will be all the better for it.


I went to my second Super Rugby fixture last Friday night, and I wouldn’t be lying if I said I enjoyed it more than my first. There were plenty of tries, there was skill shown by both large and small, and the kicking for goal (I’m pretty sure that’s not the correct turn of phrase) [Read more]

Who Do You Think You Are?

As I jumped on the tram immediately after work on Friday, the familiar thrill of Friday Night Football was back. The worries of the five previous working days were swiped away with my Myki as I shook off the dust of the CBD and crawled towards Brunswick St. The clear air of the weekend descended [Read more]


By Richard Jones It was never going to be an easy assignment. A Victorian venturing forth to take in his first, live look at a transplanted northern states’ code in Australian Rules heartland. But I agreed to accompany our English son-in-law, his Dad who’s out in Oz on a summer holiday and sundry Queenslanders and [Read more]