Test Cricketers with German Origins

Glen! has been looking into his family origins and came up with group of Test players with Germanic origins. (Is this our first ‘creative team’ of the year? Ed.)

Balcony Banter – John Cain: A man for all women

Anne Cahill Lambert pays tribute to former Premier John Cain acknowledging his role in providing the opportunity for women to become members of the Melbourne Cricket Club.

Tom Wills Bibliography

Johnhenry Holmes has taken an interest in Tom Wills for many years. During this time he has compiled a bibliography of items relating to Tom Wills. Paddy Grindlay – who has been our W.K. Trewick Scholar (thanks in part to Chris Bracher’s generous donation) spent a recent week compiling it in this post. (Thanks Paddy). We hope to have another Tom Wills Dinner in the lead up to the forthcoming Ashes series.

From the Members: Announcing the MCC’s initiative for writers

So what is From the Members? And how is the Almanac involved?

Round 9 – Melbourne v Brisbane: Massacre in the MCC

Jonathan Sloan spends a frustrating afternoon within the enemy territory of the Melbourne Cricket Club.

Almanac Cricket: Blind Cricket and the folly of assumptions

A great extract from a speech given by former Sight Impaired Australian Cricketer, Graeme Innes, at the launch of the All Abilities championships held in the Melbourne Cricket Club’s famed Long Room. Assumptions and discrimination hold so many of us back; “we are limited by the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

A heterodox suggestion about the origins of football in Victoria

As the 2015 season gets underway, Roy Hay ponders the collision of Marngrook and English sporting traditions in the creation of Australian football. Let the debate rage; Roy’s search for empirical evidence and meaning continues…

AFL Round 20 – Richmond v Brisbane: Under pressure

A fight in the Members? What’s happening to the world? At least Fitzroy Dude got his comeuppance.