Almanac (Community) Footy – Reclink Community Cup 2024: Feel so free

E.regnans attended (attended? was part of? participated in? experienced?) the annual Reclink Community Cup between the Megahertz and The Rockdogs.

Streets of our Town: All hail the Community Cup!

With the Reclink Community Cup (Melbourne) on Sunday at Victoria Park, we revisit John Harms’s report on the Community Cup of 2017.

Almanac Local Footy: Com Cup Runneth Over

Paul Spinks made it down to Elsternwick Park last week to watch the Community Cup and managed to resurface with some photographic evidence.

Almanac Local Footy: A good Weekend of Footy

Rod Oaten had a rare weekend where all his teams won, thankfully Essendon had a bye.

Footy: The Community Cup

Patrick O’Brien reports on the Community Cup which was a big hit again last weekend at Elsternwick Park. This, friends, is what the game can be. [And still is, if you also wander down to Fitzroy from time to time – Ed]

Special weekend when all your teams get up

Bit of a special weekend of footy for me, but without doubt the highlight  was the win for community footy on Sunday, but more of that later. It’s not often that all your footy teams win on the weekend, but that’s what happened.  Being a bit of a footy tragic, I have followed many teams [Read more]