Almanac Teams: Knights, Rookes and Royals; the Best of Number 33 (1980- )

There’s seemingly a bit of a theme with the names in Rodney Boyd’s side today – maybe they’d be best suited to running out on the Queen’s Birthday?

Almanac Flashback – AFL Grand Final 2009: A surreal premiership

Ten years ago Geelong took out the 2009 AFL Premiership, and to all concerned it was quite surreal reported Don Walters! Check out another Footy Almanac Flashback and find out why.

Plenty of horses and beer at Casterton but where are the kelpies?

Roger Lowrey heads to the home of the kelpie, Casterton, by the Glenelg River where the famous jumps course features fences which are actually alive and growing. He meets locals and visitors all united in the love of a punt and an ale on Cup day.

Almanac Footy Teams – Max !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about a team of Maxes 99? Smart move 96! Here is Glen’s team.

crio’s Q: Sporting careers cut short?

Lenny Hayes played a milestone game this weekend. He is a linchpin in the side. One of the most highly regarded players in the AFL. He’s also just back from a second re-co. I remember my old man saying that he did a cartilage and that was it. Some blokes are doomed. Others make incredible [Read more]

Glum? Or not so Glum?

Geelong v Richmond.  Sunday 22 April 2012. Was this the game? Following a forgettable pre-season and a shaky start to the season my cup-o-pessimism (tastes like sour grapes, and not from a good vintage) has been brimmed.  The Cats look like they’ve been staggering, not with a premiership hangover, but with premiership gout.  They’ve supped [Read more]

Maximum Power required for Cat victory

Geelong needs toughness. Geelong needs brute force. Geelong needs at least one player raised by Norwegian Vikings on a diet of the raw flesh of fallen foes. Geelong needs Max Rooke. Max Rooke, born in the frigid waters of the Berent Sea in the 6th century to parents Odin and Frigg Rooke, is world renowned [Read more]