Almanac Teams: Players that won a Premiership or made a Grand Final in their first year

Rodney Boyd is back at it again – this time he shares two sides (one luckier than the other) just in time for the AFL finals series.

Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: The Running of the Bulls

John Green is ready for the first match of the 2023 AFL season. He never tires of the lead-up, especially on the day. He compares barracking for a footy team to the running of the bulls in Spain.

Almanac Teams: The other 27 club (1980- )

He usually sticks around 1980 as a cutoff, but today Rodney Boyd has made a couple of exceptions…one particularly exceptional.

Almanac Footy: A Grand Final week postcard from the Tiwi Islands where a whisper of history is at play

Mention the Tiwi Islands and you immediately think football, and haven’t they produced some greats! Michael Sexton presents a postcard from the islands in the lead up to the Grand Final.

Almanac Teams: Sensational Seventeens (1980-)

Rodney Boyd is working his way up into the high teens, but there are still plenty of brilliant players to choose from for his best of sides since 1980.

Memories of a Good Bloke, Football, Aboriginal Children and a Car!

Allan Barden reminisces about his time in Darwin, a great mate and their work with disadvantaged Aboriginal kids through footy. His car played a starring role! (A beautiful memoir – Ed.)

They shall not be forgotten years. Richmond: 1981 – 2016: An occasional series of reflections on the triumphs and tragedies that made 2017 so worth the wait.

Stainless confronts the horror that was Richmond’s 1982 Grand Final loss and its aftermath in his ongoing series about the Tigers during those years their fans would like to forget but can’t. So many ‘what ifs?’ in this brutally honest reflection.

Almanac Teams: Citrus Bob’s All-Time Top 20 Players

Not wanting to miss out on the act, Citrus Bob Utber has come up with his top 20 players of all time. He should know what he is talking about.

James Grapsas’s Blast from the Past: Daryl Vernon

James Grapsas begins a new series on players from days gone. They won’t necessarily be household names. In this first story he speaks with Richmond and Swans player Daryl Vernon whose experience offers insight into the life of the fringe VFL player in the early `80s.

Hypocritical racism

Matt Watson recalls his first introduction to racism when, as an 11-year-old kid, he watched North fans abuse Rioli and Richmond fans abuse the Krakouer brothers. It made no sense to him. It still doesn’t.