Almanac/Odd Friday Lunches – Sep 13: Matt Rendell

Former Fitzroy ruckman and skipper Matt Rendell will be the special guest at the Footy Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch on Sep 13 at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel. All welcome.

For the love of Collingwood, it’s time Ed

It’s time says Jeff! Time for Eddie to go! The greatest shame is that by lingering on, clinging to that prime car spot outside the Holden Centre, Jeff can’t get away from the word ‘selfish’.

Thinking outside the oval

by Peter Baulderstone Football (and that’s a broader family than AFL) has lost two of its broadest thinkers and most compassionate administrators – one to cancer, and the other to political correctness.  One loss cannot be remedied, but the other should be. We all get lost in the adoration and fandom of professional sport, and [Read more]