Almanac Trivia: 101, not just about dalmatians…

Rick Newbery has a seemingly simple numerical trivia question for the Almanackers…who will work it out first?

Round 17 – Geelong v Richmond: Zero

So, I’m thinking the Almanac has entered its Sgt Pepper’s stage, thanks to Dips who has really been affected by Geelong’s loss to the Tiges. Gather around him as he cleans the loos, vacuums the stairs while listening to a philosophy podcast and some classic music. [This is your 200th piece on the Almanac site Dips. Thank you. – JTH]

Almanac Footy History – Goals, behinds and points of difference.

Lies, damned lies and statistics. Ken Haley takes to the archives to compare the current day’s game (as far as the VFL/AFL is concerned) with other periods in its rich, storied life. The results may surprise some of you!

Mathematicians who have kicked on

March 1 was International Maths Day. And so my mind was turned to Maths. As a Maths-History graduate I am always looking to those Mathematicians who have kicked on, in the hope I might uncover their secrets. I’ll start the discussion by mentioning Melbourne Vixen and Australian netballer Julie Corletto, who is a Maths graduate. [Read more]