SANFL Grand Final – Port Adelaide v Sturt: see ya at the Arkaba

Dave Brown’s family has history at Port v Sturt Grand Finals. There’s nothing like a happy ending

Backwards to go Forwards: an Ode to Defence (or ‘Tash and Dash’)

Football is football. But it is also a way in to thinking and feeling. This meditation from Mathilde de Hauteclocque offers a half back flanker’s response to omnipresent grief.

A Pilgrimage From Zagreb To Adelaide

How can Josip Habljak, of Croatia, come to be training with Sturt? Wesley Hull interviewed Josip on his (incredible) journey.

Swans TV Unlimited

A Swans pre-season featuring Swans TV, Hip Hop, One Day and Marty Mattner. Mathilde de Hauteclocque at her pre-season best.

The Swans nail it

I want you to stop what you’re doing and have a look at your finger nails. They’re not very substantial are they? Wafer thin, inconsequential pieces of stuff that sit at the end of the finger they have a few functions; they gather dirt and bacteria and horde it under their protective shell (for what [Read more]