I was a teenage coach

Earl O’Neill responds to the sacking of Brendon Bolton in his usual salient and erudite manner.

Carlton: Trust us, we’re professionals

“With this decision, the New Carlton has developed a very strong whiff of the Old Carlton. Which is no real shock, because some of the board actually are the Old Carlton. They’d just claimed they’d seen the light.” John Butler on the Old Dark Navy Blues.

Carlton 2018: Every rebuild can be unhappy in its own way

Much furious comment surrounded Carlton’s 2018. John Butler offers his thoughts on the Year of the Double Spoon.

The PowerPoint Revolution

Calling to mind the apocryphal comment of “it’s de ja vous all over again,” when its comes to ‘New Carlton’ and ‘Key Drivers of Success’ John Butler’s seen it all before. Actions, results and not mad skills on PowerPoint is all that matters to Bluebaggers like JB.

My View: Mick’s Gone, Will Leave a Vagabond

Rohan Cooper isn’t afraid to declare Mick Malthouse will be yet another casualty at Carlton by the end of this season. Echoing the thoughts of many Bluebaggers, he argues that the current list is sorely overrated and that the absence of a critical assessment within the walls of the inner-sanctum will be another coach’s undoing.