VAFA Premier C – the CYs Preview: Road Hog

As usual, it took only days for Smokie to break his New Year’s resolution

VAFA C Grade Semi Final – Willy CYs v Marcellin: The Very First Time

This Sunday at Elsternwick Park, Williamstown CYMS enter the VAFA C Grade finals for the very first time. Smokie will be on hand to witness this historic event.

(Super) Coaching: Melbourne v Bulleen

There are days where watching local footy can be great for the soul. Last Sunday was NOT one of those days. Stephen Baker comes up against some dauntingly familiar names in his day as ‘caretaker coach’ at Superules club, Melbourne.

VAFA: Parkdale are not Catholics

I have cancelled all my Saturday morning appointments for three weeks. Better to be prepared for any combination of results of our three semi-final sides than have to rearrange both patients and staff. So it was down to Sandringham to watch our beloved Roys. I missed the first ten minutes of the Thirds, but I [Read more]

The JFFC is showing signs of lifting

We have just lived through the GFC, the Global Financial Crisis. We Fitzroy people are going through our own crisis: the JFFC. What is this you ask? The July Fitzroy Football Crisis today, showed some sign of lifting, but as Malcolm Frazier once said “life was not meant to be easy.” Fortunately we had wins [Read more]