Almanac Rugby League: Vale Bob Fulton

Rugby League icon Bob Fulton has passed away at the age of 73. The Footy Almanac salutes ‘Bozo’, one of the inaugural Immortals and member of the code’s Team of the Century.

Almanac Rugby League: Excerpts from a rugby league lover’s diary – The Early Years

Imagine an Adrian Mole-type character thinking back over the childhood competitiveness of two brothers supporting rival teams. Actually, Paul Connolly has already done it for you!

Almanac Rugby League – ‘Brookie’ and the 70s

Adam Muyt is catholic in his footy code tastes but Brookvale Oval on Sydney’s northern beaches really tugs at his heart strings. He takes us back over the years to explain why.

Almanac Rugby League: The Manly Way

Why do we choose to follow a particular footy club? What is it that makes us stick with them through thick and thin? In our ongoing Thursday series of rugby league reflections, Lindsey Cuthbertson explains why it’s ‘The Manly Way’ for him.