Almanac Rugby League – Tigers fans have ’89: The 1989 NRL Grand Final

The gods of football aligned their stars in 1989 to produce two memorable Grand Finals in the NRL and the AFL. Guy Ragan, a Tigers man through and through, reflects on that game and what might have been. (A great account of a great game. – Ed.)

Almanac Rugby League – Book Review: ‘Heartland: How Rugby League Explains Queensland’ by Joe Gorman.

In his new book release, Joe Gorman gives an interesting take on understanding the Queensland psyche through a study of rugby league. Our reviewer, Ian Hauser, thinks he may well have a point.

Almanac Rugby League – Book Review: ‘The Immortals of Australian Rugby League’ by Liam Hauser

Liam Hauser’s previous rugby league books have focussed on State of Origin and NRL Grand Finals. Here ecumenical football follower Adam Muyt reviews Liam’s latest publication, ‘The Immortals of Australian Rugby League’.

Almanac Rugby League – Certainties, contenders and chumps

Round 4 of the NRL kicks off tonight. After an intriguing opening to the season, perhaps this weekend we’re about to find out a bit more about how a few teams are travelling. Is winnowing season coming early?

Almanac Rugby League – Five new Immortals inducted

The NRL inducted a surprising 5 new Immortals last night. Our rugby league editor thinks they got it right.

Almanac Rugby League – The Immortals: Who’s next?

Two new Immortals of Rugby League will be crowned at a gala function in Sydney tonight. Ian Hauser casts his eye over the contenders.

Almanac Rugby League – Kangaroos Merit Team

Our rugby league editor runs his eye over the Kangaroo Merit Team selected over the weekend. He has one or two bones to pick.

Political Football (Coaches)

Brin Paulsen is imagining Australian political figures as footy coaches. And he has them pretty well worked out.

Almanac Rugby League – Race for the Paul Barriere: Week 6, Australian double as England go close in classic men’s final

Hamish Neal looks at the men’s and women’s RLWC Finals. Both were tight affairs which ended in success for the Jillaroos and the Kangaroos.

Almanac Rugby League – Race for the Paul Barriere: Week 5, Australia set to defend titles, England edge Tonga in classic

Hamish Neal reports on the men’s and women’s Rugby League World Cups. Australia will play England in the men’s and New Zealand in the women’s this coming weekend.

Almanac Rugby League – Race for the Paul Barriere: Week 1 – Ireland fly after stuttering opener

Hamish Neal’s informative wrap of the first round of the Rugby League World Cup.

Battle of the Football Codes

Poems for three of the footy codes from Damian Balassone.

Almanac Rugby League – State of Origin: Happy Birthday Mal and Game 3 chat

Happy Birthday Mal!

Leave your greeting. For Mal. For Queensland. For NSW?

Who wins, and why?

Almanac Rugby League – State of Origin 2015: Blasphemy, But Origin Ain’t What It Used To Be

As State of Origin begins for another year, Blues supporter Wayne is disappointed that the mystery of Origin is no longer there.

Almanac Rugby League – Mal’s Speech to the Boys on Game Two Eve