Almanac Teams: Arrivals and Departures (GWS)

There’s a big big sound from all the big big names who have either come to the Giants from elsewhere or left after a stint in charcoal and orange. Read on for Rodney Boyd’s latest Arrivals and Departures.

Almanac Teams: Arrivals and Departures (Brisbane)

Second cab off the rank for Rodney Boyd’s footy-related teams in 2024 is Brisbane. What do you think of his sides based on players who arrived at or departed from the Bears/Lions over the past decades?

Almanac Teams: Hit for Six (1980- )

Rodney Boyd moves from Number 5 to 6 this week; this side has a few players called on to play extra roles during a game.

Almanac Teams – Super 6s: Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant

The number 6 has special significance to Phil Dimitriadis, thanks to his beloved brother Tim.