The Accident at Tashi Lapso Pass, Part Four: Thangbo

With badly broken tibia and fibula bones, Louise Currie, Lakpa and Uttum are currently 0-2 in the ‘luck’ stakes. First, no mobile phone coverage and in part three, no helicopter for an air-evacuation and urgently needed medical treatment. In part four, Plan B turns out to be every bit as treacherous as getting off the [Read more]

The Accident At Tashi Lapso Pass, Part Three: Rescue In A Doko

In part two Lakpa Sherpa and his team desperately began to improvise a way to get Louise off the Ngole glacier. In part three, Louise recalls some of the most harrowing moments of her ordeal.

The Accident at Tashi Lapso Pass, Part Two: Stranded in Ngloe

Part two of The Accident at Tashi Lapso Pass. With her leg seriously broken, Louise, Lakpa Sherpa and Nima attempt to find a way off the Ngole glacier to safety.

The Accident at Tashi Lapso Pass: Part One – The Accident

Part one of Louise Currie’s story of how a trek to the Tashi Lapso Pass in Kathmandu went horribly wrong. [Warning: not for the overly squeamish – Ed]

Almanac Summer Reading: The Accident at Tashi Lapso Pass

Beginning tomorrow, we bring you Louise Currie’s enthralling recollection of a disastrous trek through Tashi Lapso, in Kathmandu.