AFLM Round 13 – Geelong v Richmond: Playing in the Puddles

Jack Banister remembers the good times of playing wet-weather footy and what it means to look like a footy player while watching Geelong v Richmond on a sodden MCG deck.

A brother’s jumper

Vin Maskell clings to the memory of a football jumper he will never see or touch again.

Crio’s Question: Long sleeves

The long sleeve guernsey seems to be consigned to history. What long sleeve-wearing players and designs would you curate for the MCG Museum’s display?

What has happened to the long sleeve jumper?

While shopping recently I tried to track down a long sleeve jumper but alas it appears they have dissapeared much in the same vein as black footy boots and 1/2 time oranges. It seems that all you can buy now are the sleeveless variety (at least via most retail outlets and the swans website). I [Read more]