Reading sports books in the time of Cholera

Sean Curtain has been using this time to re-visit some classic old (and new) sportsbooks. Here he walks us through a section of his library.

Almanac Surfing: Surfing and the middle-aged accountant

Following Dips O’Donnell’s excellent Queen’s Birthday weekend surfing piece, we thought we’d let you know where it all started. Here’s Dips’ first crack at the caper, a piece which was published in Long Bombs to Snake I.

Contribute to “Long Bombs to Snake Ed.2”: Call for portrait photos

We’re calling for contributions to Long Bombs to Snake, Edition 2. Do you have a portrait photo that you would like to share?

Our sports writing journal Long Bombs to Snake is out now. (Order your copy here)

Long Bombs to Snake: Stories from Australian Sport is out now. See what’s in it.

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Martin Flanagan profiles Long Bombs to Snake in The Age

Martin Flanagan has had a significant influence on sports writers and sports writing in Australia. He has profiled Long Bombs to Snake (our sports writing journal) in The Age.

Long Bombs to Snake: Player Profile – Mathilde de Hauteclocque

Long Bombs to Snake is our new sports writing magazine. One of the regular columns is a player profile, where one of our writers responds to a series of prompts a la The Footy Record. In this edition it is much-loved and admired Almanacker Mathilde de Hauteclocque. Here is a taste.

Long Bombs to Snake: Lindy Burns’ Monday segment on ABC Radio

JTH, Dips O’Donnell and Mathilde de Hauteclocque were Monday night guests of Lindy Burns on 774 ABC Melbourne. Check out their conversation; which covered Long Bombs to Snake, Footy Almanac and writing generally.

And the title of the Almanac E-magazine is…

The long-awaited cover of the Almanac’s e-magazine. Thanks to Litza for his design. [The People’s Elbow has many skills – JTH]