Almanac (Cartoon) Life: Covid-19 lockdowns have taught me…

One constant for Yvette Wroby over all of the lockdowns has been Colin the dog’s nightly toilet trips…and the night sky.

Almanac Life: Our Big Black Shoes

Another fine Saturday morning piece on the joys of modern life from dad, Andrew Else. This one on the tension between conformity and opportunity in schools (when you can go to them). [Nice – Ed]

Round 11 – Collingwood v Geelong: Dear old Melbourne

In a timely poem, Dips sums up the current atmosphere in Melbourne as they bunker into a fourth lockdown. Saturday’s clash, according to Dips, epitomised the current mood in the town as Collingwood and Geelong spluttered along.

Almanac Life: One of those Melbourne lockdown Saturdays

A day in lockdown quickly evolved into an emotional reflection on Jan Courtin’s parents. Whilst typing out some letters from years gone by, Jan discovered her family history, making the day worthwhile.

What are you Missing?

Jan Courtin has found many positives in this period of isolation. She describes them here and she wonders what others have enjoyed about this very different time. [Superb effort with the transcribing Jan – JTH]