Chasing the Bush Premiership VII

A 53 point half time lead would be translated to a win right?  Last Saturday was one of the most bizarre games of football I’ve ever played in. Despite my shaky form, I stayed in the senior side for another week.  After getting over the top side seven days earlier, we were due to battle [Read more]

A day with the Tigers

  by John Green There are many types of Tiger in the football jungle. They may be found in places as diverse as Coburg, Werribee, Mitcham, Morwell, Colac-Coragulac, Woori Yallock, Kyneton and Foster. Or Glenelg, if you want to continue your safari outside Victoria. Today I’m watching the Tigers in the afternoon and fronting up [Read more]

Sat’dy arvo at the footy: June 11 2011

The major suburban matches highlighted in this column last week threw up interesting results, with the top sides losing in the EDFL, NFL and EFL. Maribyrnong Park’s stranglehold on the EDFL title is now under serious challenge after Damien Peverill inspired Aberfeldie to victory. Luke Livingstone, king of the Marby goal square in recent weeks, [Read more]

The Thrilling ‘Fields

by Shane Goss Old Ivanhoe and Caulfield Grammarians played out a thriller in round seven of the VAFA Premier B section last Saturday at Chelsworth Park in Ivanhoe. It was first against third. The Fields had been promoted from Premier C the year before and were going into the game undefeated. Old Ivanhoe had only [Read more]

I trained them hard

Jesus, I trained those Juniors hard. They were a dead-set chance. At something that would affect them and their community and stay with them forever, like a tattoo for your heart. Sometimes, while training them hard, I’d tell them. I had never won a flag. Not in all those years. Then, my team made the [Read more]

So, what footy will we be going to this week?

Once again, no MCG Saturday game gives us an excuse to check out other options. Out my way, the big drawcard this Saturday will be at Aberfeldie, where Jason Akermanis will join new recruit Mal Michael and former Essendon  players Hayden Skipworth, Damien Peverill and Courtney Johns as they “welcome” Chris Johnson’s Avondale Heights. This [Read more]

Desert Ovals

People go two ways over Easter. They lift the city off its foundations and dump it on the coast, or go to the footy. Especially footballers with the Easter bye. You can spot them in an Anzac Day crowd by the way they barrack. The AFL suporter will call: “Kick it, kick it, kick it!” [Read more]

AT THE FOOTY…this weekend

by Chris Riordan The advent of billion dollar television rights has changed AFL fixturing forever. Increasingly it is becoming a TV supported competition. If you want to get to your team’s games, you need to be very flexible with your weekend schedules. We do otherwise – finding a timeslot that suits us and then looking [Read more]

Something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue

by Mic Rees The old custom above shouldn’t have been confined to events 17,000 kilometres from Oz earlier this weekend. Merv Hughes Oval/Turner Reserve, located on the banks of the Maribyrnong River, played host to a Division 2 Western Region Football League (WRFL) game on Saturday that could have used the tradition reserved to instruct [Read more]

Friday II

You ever wake up and think: what happened to the rest of the Clokes? Where’s Martin Pike these days? Damn, he was a gun! Seeing him line up on a pretty boy like Hird was a compliment to both of them, and football. How good would Darren Bewick have been if given one more year [Read more]


The chainsaw packed up well before dusk, but I was already up the other side of Mt Sloak, so locked in the hubs and pushed the ute through the regrowth of an old, steep loggers’ track, looking for Sunday’s jag, thinking too much, until, before I knew it, the sun had fucked off. I had [Read more]

Where old footballers go to die

The ball comes in on the bounce. I’ve been killing it in the air for ours. The bald No. 13 has been killing it on the ground for his. When I squint I can imagine Martin Pike. We reach for it at the same time, knocking it on, then, in heat of moment and snap [Read more]

The best game I never saw

Rotten, Gnawing, Lime-Green Jealousy. There had been record rainfall. You hear that a lot, but sometimes it’s true. My team didn’t make the finals, so, fuck it, a mate and I went for a drive. The car was facing east when we got into it, so we drove east. It was that simple. No plans, [Read more]

Pre season is over

Chasing the elusive bush premiership – Part III by Jared Newton Friday night at Johnstone Park saw the Imperials final trial match for the pre-season.  Overall it’s been a successful pre-season, numbers have been good, players have been fresh and keen at the prospect of playing under a new coach, coaches are keen and ready [Read more]

Brighton FC’s only flag in 1948

This is a letter I received from Ian Bennett (of The Local Footy Show on Channel 31), who has enearthed remarkable film of the 1948 Brighton semi-final, preliminary final, and grand final. If you have any stories about this team or it’s players we would love to hear them. To find out more about the [Read more]

Sid Myers rewards

It was raining hard on a mid-winter Tuesday night; the oval full of water and mud; everything well dark. The club had fallen hard. We were in what, D-division? Something involving knuckles and no hope. We’d won one game, they’d sacked the coach. Eight of us had bothered to show up. We milled around the [Read more]


In answer to your question, a story… Fifteen. I never played junior footy. I was 15, skinny, and went straight to the tatts and knuckles league of a suburb that is now gone. The oval is still there, but it is now a smooth, green thing. The creek at the city end is no-longer toxic. [Read more]

Footy yarn: Never under-estimate the importance of the ladder in football

By John Dunne   YOU can never underplay the relevance of the ladder in football. And while it may be stating the obvious, it was rammed home to me in no uncertain terms back in the late 1980s. I was domiciled in the hub of north-east Victoria in a place called Wangaratta and in the [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Under the wing of Gull

by Paul Mitchell There seemed no reason for our bit part ruck/forward to be nicknamed ‘Gull’. I attributed the moniker to the fact that his mullet stuck out ingloriously at the sides, made him look like a windblown seagull. I didn’t know his real name, but that didn’t matter – when I called out ‘Gull!’ he [Read more]