Tucker’s wooden spoon

There’s a gem at every footy club. For the Wandal Bulls, it’s masseuse Tuck.

When White Was Not Cool

Raitman reminisces on the time he and a group of mates – the Lavender Hill Mob – turned out for the mighty Mudlarks. In their white guernseys.

The Great Un-washed

Geoff Lockhart remembers the basic facilities and good times of the Leven Football Association in Northern Tasmania in the 70’s. Hot showers were rare; cold beer plentiful.

VAFA – Fitzroy v Ivanhoe: Life Wasn’t Meant to be Easy

Phil Hill’s Royboys discover that “life wasn’t meant to be easy” by losing to bottom team Ivanhoe.

Do performance enhancing drugs exist in local football?

Jackson Clark poses a very 21st Century question

VAFA – Premier B: Fitzroy v AJAX

Phil Hill sees his Royboys dust up the opposition by over a hundred points. There is no historical precedent for a double fish and chips victory.

Fitzroy v the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

On a windy day at Central Reserve, the Roy Boys obturate a late Mazenod fight back in one of their best performances of the year. [Ed’s note – nope, I didn’t know ‘obturate’ was a word, either. Thanks, Phil!]

The Comeback

Matt Watson revisits some weekend warriors, and the things that drive them to train, play and push their bodies to the limits. [Contains sound advice to those with pot bellies – Ed]

FIDA Seagulls win derby thriller

Footy is a force for unity and inclusion across our community. Vin Maskell updates us on the first round clash between Williamstown Seagulls and Wyndham Tigers in the Football Integration Development Association.

For better or verse – Uni Blacks sign Nick Gill

Tom Martin tells the tale of how Uni Blacks used poetry to help snag ex Crows player Nick Gill. Could a couple of sonnets have saved the Swans a few mill on Buddy?

Football Islands

Mickey Randall’s sons embark on their footy careers in a different time and in a different country. Past and present. Hope and loss. Mickey poignantly weaves the threads of memory.

Bendigo footy in the Forties …. war and rationing intervene

Richard Jones offers a splendid history of Bendigo League football during the war years of the 1940’s.

A Hole in my Town

In this piece The Old Dog talks about how much is lost in a town and a club without the next generation breathing life into the place.

The Mornington Football Club 125 years documentary

Jake Stevens has compiled a visual history of the Mornington Football Club. Having completed this herculean task, he then had to present the finished piece and speak at the 125th anniversary celebrations. You can see the results here.

Coburg: An oval for old men

Matt Watson joins Coburg for their final game of the season. A familiar story to all that have played (and wish they still were).

Local footy: The sad story so far

Brothers AFC in the Queensland Capricornia competition may be 0 for 7 this season, but it isn’t for lack of application. Loyal club servant Mick Jeffrey rues missed opportunities and reflects on life in the local league with all its many responsibilities.

VAFA – Fitzroy: I want another divorce!

I have said this before but I will say it again; a new season is like getting a new girl friend. I have already divorced Brisbane this season and it was with eager boyish enthusiasm that I travelled down Punt Road to Garry Smorgan Oval to watch the Roys take on AJAX in B Grade.

Our Town is a Small Thing

Our town is a small thing. Three shops and an empty pub long. The centre of our rural community. Dairy, logging, and a sprinkling of vineyards. It has double the population most people think it has. But nobody sees the tree changers.

Rudolph makes a pre-Christmas appearance for the Seagulls

One of the SANFL’s best, Scott Elliott, will coach the Port Fairy Seagulls next season, and Scott Elliott can’t wait.

Northern Areas Football Association Grand Final

More than 6,700 fans watched the Northern Areas footy and netball finals at Jamestown in South Australia. James Lang was there.