Almanac Teams: Players that have played in a premiership or grand final for two clubs

More finals-themed action from Rodney Boyd as he outlays two sides made up of players who climbed the mountain (or stumbled at the summit) for two clubs in their careers.

Grand Final – West Coast v Collingwood: The Circle is Unbroken

Peter Baulderstone on the Grand Final. For the faitfhful – of all faiths.

Round 20 – St Kilda v West Coast: I need a hero

West Coast Eagles stumbled against St Kilda and are now in a log jam for a finals spot. Dave looks to a hero in number 17 to help lift the Eagles to September.

My Indigenous Round – Love and Pain and the Whole Damned Thing

During the AFL Indigenous Round, Peter Baulderstone gained an even better understanding of indigenous culture by having two in depth conversations with indigenous people. [Powerful, must read – Ed]

WAFL – Round 21: Sharks slip into the five

Weekly WAFL results and comments from Western Australia correspondent, Les Everett.

Indigenous & Multicultural Showcase In Townsville

Who will be the next Cyril Rioli? The 2016 National Diversity Championship will feature players from indigenous and multi-cultural backgrounds hoping to capture the eyes of AFL talent scouts.

Short Book, Long Story: Long, Goodes & the story of reconciliation

With Martin Flanagan’s Michael Long bio ‘The Short Book’ set to hit the shelves, Anthony James examines both the culture the book discusses and the culture into which it is released [A piece worthy of Flanagan himself – Ed].

Round 23 – Sydney Swans v Gold Coast: Predictable in their unpredictability

Tom Bally loves that the Swans’ unpredictability is about the only things that their fans can safely predict.

Round 17 – West Coast Eagles v Sydney Swans: Hand-me-up

Don Meadows with a grand tale of how a Rabbitohs fan steeped in the traditions of the Redfern mob came to love ‘Rules’ and the Sydney Swans, while others in the family embraced the West Coast Eagles.

Round 9 – Sydney v Carlton: Take me to the O’Reilly Stand

As Joe Moore explains Friday night was a celebration as his Swans were able to defeat a plucky Blues on such a meaningful night.

I Need to be in Drummoyne

Their first date at Marrickville went surprisingly well, and after their second date at Drummoyne, Mathilde de Hauteclocque is well and truly in love with suburban footy.

Pre-Season 2015: Swans in the Suburbs

A week out from their NAB Challenge match against Brisbane, the Swans headed to Henson Park, Marrickvile for intra-club hit out. It was the perfect Friday night for Mathilde de Hauteclocque and the Cygnet.

A Corker Grand Final

How damn brilliant was Jetta taking on Rioli? Something for the ages.

It was like the fight everybody wanted. Everybody expected. As if the two of them had no say in it. As if it wasn’t just a piece of play, as if it wasn’t just a race. There was ownership involved.

Grand Final Eve

It’s a kind of madness when your team’s in the Grand Final. A week of internal distractions and surreptitious footy shamanism.

AFL Preliminary Finals – Sydney v Collingwood: Revenge, Redemption and Jetta

    It’s been a huge fortnight. September, surely, is Christmas for footyheads. A whole month of it, longer than we get for holidays. I’ve been to the mainland, watched the game’s oldest, greatest rivals, Port Melbourne and Williamstown slog it out in a VFL Semi, at a ground where you could sit or stand [Read more]

The Footy Gods: Horme

Horme was a difficult god to describe. The scholars describe her onrush in battle. Perhaps the best way to describe her by what she wasn’t: apathetic. Horme was who you wanted next to you when you wanted to have a go. She could be a dangerous companion when you didn’t. Perhaps the girl that you [Read more]

The Footygods: Nike

Nike was the sister of Kratos, Bia and Zelus. Given that they personified strength, force and envy, they almost had a forward line between them. Nike made up for what they missed. With her wings and chariot she was known for her speed and the greeks just loved her. Saturday saw indigenous round come to [Read more]