Almanac Short Fiction: ‘A Pest Exterminator’s Tale’

KD describes ‘A Pest Exterminator’s tale’ as “a short story originally drafted a couple of decades ago and worked upon here and there ever since. It’s about many issues, including phobias, and has echoes of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. The environment is very much Geelong’s waterfront of decades ago, when it was still seedy and run-down and just starting to undergo the process of gentrification and renewal.”

Almanac Life: ‘The Hunting of the Snark’ (or ‘Lessons for, and from, a life in policing’).

Danny Russell, known to Almanac readers as nonshedders, marks his retirement from the Tasmanian police with this insightful swansong. [Wise words, thanks Danny. JTH]

Echoes of Dreamland: on footy and footy writing and 2018

As a teenager, David Wilson (as one of 1200) sang the hymn “Forty Years On” each year at school. Its “echoes of dreamland” live in 2018.
On footy, history, place, story, responsibility. Follow-up!

Super Bowl XLIX: The Time Has Come

Justin Fris was one of the millions around the world glued to a television screen to watch Super Bowl XLIX. Justin presents the view from Gilligan’s Pub in Cairns.