Almanac Footy: A Team for all seasons

Citrus Bob Utber presents his footy team for all seasons made up of players he has watched play over the past seventy years.

Almanac Life: What is a gluten–free, organic, non–dairy, save–the–whale girl to do, on a cold Melbourne Saturday?

Jan Courtin slips away from the reality of a cold, wet winter’s day in Melbourne via her wonderful world wide memories of times past. [Ed: We reprise this wonderful article by Jan, one of around 200 she published on the site. Her writing will be sadly missed. RIP Jan.]

Round 10 – Sydney v Collingwood: The Marn Grook Game

Keiran Croker reports from the Sir Doug Nicholls Round 10 Marn Grook Game between the Swans and Pies in Sydney, and although a little disaapointed by the result he sees a bright future for the Sydney Swans.

Echoes of Dreamland: on footy and footy writing and 2018

As a teenager, David Wilson (as one of 1200) sang the hymn “Forty Years On” each year at school. Its “echoes of dreamland” live in 2018.
On footy, history, place, story, responsibility. Follow-up!

Champions All: Have a look at this video montage of players explaining what Matt Zurbo’s book is about

Classic short video which includes Francis Bourke, Joe Misiti, Leo Barry, and Lazar Vidovic (classic) talking about Matt Zurbo’s book Champions All. Who better to explain what this book is about! Thanks to Mike Wilson.

In the skyline with the full backs

Continuing Carolyn Spooner’s excellent review of key position players, no team was complete without a solid full back.

Grand Final Preview: Sal’s predictions, and thoughts about other sports as well.

For all thoughts in football, cricket, rugby, and horseracing, Sal has all the tips for you.

Round 17 – West Coast v Sydney: Where to from here?

Craig Dodson weaves recent Eagles-Swans history, Leo Barry, text message banter etiquette, Peppa Pig and musings of Tasmanian woodchopping into his game day experience. But for the Swans: where to from here?

Round 13 – Sydney v Richmond: Ten whole years

Mathilde de Hautecloque thanks a giraffe for her experience of the famous Swans Grand Final victory in 2005, as she comes to terms with what happened during last Friday night’s anniversary celebration game. [Beaut piece – Ed]

This is for The Bloods: Ten Years On

Stephen Quartermaine’s cry of “Leo Barry, you star!” remains one of the most enduring memories of the 2005 AFL Grand Final between the Sydney Swans and the West Coast Eagles. A decade later, Joe Moore looks back on Brett Kirk and his Blood Brothers.

Off Season Odyssey – Part 23: Spent… Cooked…Content

Off-season Odyssey Pt. 23 Leo Barry was a good player, no doubt. 200-odd games for the Swans. A struggling forward, and honest backman. A ripper full-back! With nothing more than the build of a flanker. He’s smaller than me, for Christ’s sake! Had it over Gehrig. Knew Fev was a confidence player, so whacked into [Read more]


    by Matt Zurbo   I don’t know why I did this, or for who. Maybe me. Maybe just because. Because it was true, and I like stories. Leo somehow got a copy and my number. Hell, it was a while ago. For all I know I sent one to Sydney. I got home [Read more]