Round 10 – Pards’ Preview: Richmond v Essendon – Dreamtime Match, Where Dreams May Come True

Pards still maintains his confidence in the Bombers but is disappointed by the attitude of some of the supporters of the club.

Lou Richards’ Master Class At Melbourne High

Braham Dabscheck recalls the time Lou Richards and Jack Dyer were invited to give a talk at Melbourne High School. Easily the most engaging talk he ever heard as a student.

The Back To The Future Footy Panel

Lou Richards’ funeral yesterday was a beautiful tribute to a footy and media legend. We look back at a classic piece of humour from Phil Dimitriadis. Originally published five years ago.

Era, era on the wall; 1960-1966

The VFL in the 1960’s saw football still as a tough yet sometimes brutal sport, as players were happy to play the game for the joy of it. This period also saw the introduction of television, football replays and shows such as Football Inquest, World of Sport and League Teams. It was also the period that saw Ron Barassi leave the Dees for the Blues and the sacking of Norm Smith.

It’s still a funny game, football

Footy has become so earnest it can only be watched ironically, argues Jeff Dowsing. [This makes a lot of sense – Ed]

League Teams

Stephen Alomes is trying to check an unusual fact, which goes back to Lou, Jack and Bobby.