Almanac Lawn Bowls – We Were Good In The Rain

Joe De Petro and his cohorts in the “Try-Hards” tried very hard in their Reperchage Grand Final clash at the Eltham Bowling Club against the “Golfers” but it was to no avail as he relates.

Almanac Bowls: Canadians cornering the Australian bowls scene

With Australian Premier League and State championships, Lachlan Tighe sees the domestic lawn bowls competition hotting up.

Almanac Opinion: Team success – victory and adversity

Are the Doggies the AFL equivalent of Seabiscuit? Lachlan Tighe draws parallels and applies the theory to Lawn Bowls.

Almanac Bowls: Rolling along

Griffo gets excited by the growth opportunities in Lawn Bowls

Almanac Lawn Bowls: It’s a Bonza Weekend in the Bung as the Lawn Bowls Birds Celebrate 50 Years By Going Bone on Bone With Disco Ernie – Viva BrisVegas!

The Geebung Ladies Bowls Club is turning 50. Archie got the flyer in his letterbox.

Tales from the Green

Robbo asks “Can the age old sport of bowling provide valuable lessons to other mainstream sports that are trying to invigorate themselves and connect in contemporary and sustainable ways?”

Is “barefoot bowls” the answer?

‘Sooks, slackers and snipers, hit the road’

Lachlan Tighe dissects the culture of a successful bowls club – and is more than aware that these Commandments can be extrapolated and applied to just about any sporting club.

Almanac Bowls: ‘Hawthorn, manufactured to win’

The Almanac welcomes Lachlan Tighe who is going to write about his beloved sport, lawn bowls, from time to time. Lachlan is a bowler, a successful bowls coach and a bowls columnist. Here he talks about the importance of teamwork, team culture and positive support in bowls. [Great to have you with us Lachlan – JTH]

Lawn Bowls Poetry

John Kingsmill will be writing a series of bowling poems over the next few weeks.   WEEK ONE Back to the Bowling Green after a long delay  My father’s bowls are still too large in my hand. It’s only my obstinacy, I suppose, that makes me stay with them. His hands were no bigger than [Read more]