AFL Round 17 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: Little wins

Once you accept that your team is crap, you need to look at its games in a different way in order to sustain yourself and your sanity through the long, winless periods. Dogs fans need to find little wins within losses, even within big losses.

AFL Round 17 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: Shades Of Grey

The footy landscape has irrevocably changed – be it the AFL, VFL or VFA – but some constants remain, writes Armin Richter from Box Hill City Oval.

AFL Round 14 – Hawthorn v Brisbane: Tassie turns on Hawks

The Phantom speaks: When Tassie football poo-bah attacks Hawthorn, he deserves all that comes his way.

AFL Round 14 – Hawthorn v Brisbane Lions: Some undies have all the luck

Despite the winter Launceston day, Adam Muyt chose to forego his extra thermals and plumped for his lucky Royboy undies instead. Well, they were lucky earlier this century.

AFL Round 4 – Hawthorn v Fremantle: 50 Shades of Purple

It is amazing how our passion for this mighty game, the one-eyed devotion to one team and everlasting faith in reaching that holy grail, makes us blind to past results and fanatical towards the next game, writes Fremantle fanatic Dianne Waddingham.

AFL Round 4 – Hawthorn v Fremantle: We talked about Dad

Sasha Lennon’s daughter, Molly, reminds him of her Grandad when they’re at the footy. They raised a glass to him, and the mighty Hawks, after their annual trip to Tassie.

AFL Round 4 – Hawthorn v Fremantle: Hawks do it again in Tassie

Making her Almanac debut, young Molly Lennon provides a very accurate description of Hawthorn’s big win.