The 22nd Annual Ladder Ladder Competition

  The LADDER LADDER Comp! It’s back! Again! But what the hell – I mean heck (sorry Mum) – is it? The LADDER LADDER Competition is simple (a bit like me, many would say). It’s a comp that requires you to do no more than to write down (or type) the names of the 18 AFL [Read more]

The 21st Annual LADDER LADDER Competition

What the hell is a LADDER LADDER competition, I hear the uninitiated ask? Well it’s NOT the Tip The Top 8 comp. That is indeed another fine way to have fun with footy and you can find the details of that one right here. The LADDER LADDER Competition is simple: it’s a comp that requires [Read more]

The Feudal Minor Premiers

In sport there is always a temptation for us fans to take a “Feudal” perspective and say that if you beat the current Number 1, then you assume the status yourself. It rarely actually works that way – transitive logic (if A > B and B > C, then A > C) and team sports [Read more]