Almanac (Fun) Footy: Blundstone training night at Arden St and the Unhall of Fame

John Harms was a little nervous about going to the Blundstone training night at Arden St on Tuesday night. What did Turbo Thompson and half a dozen other players have in stall for the well-tummied crew? [Great night – JTH]

Round 13 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: One to quickly forget

North Melbourne failed to give Boomer a fitting send off Friday night. Matthew Naqvi was blown away by just how badly the Kangas played.

Round 7: Essendon v North Melbourne: A Win’s a Win, Especially Against Essendon.

We should not underestimate the wisdom and counsel of the local greengrocer in this day and age. Andrew Starkie leaves the Docklands less than thrilled with the Kangaroos defeat of the Dons, then receives a zen-like interpretation of the victory amidst strawberries and tomatoes at Preston Market the next day.

AFL Round 9 – North Melbourne v Adelaide: Smokie’s Elbow (with apologies to Litza)

Smokie, three parts of the way through a bottle of Pepperjack, let’s go a guttural North Melbourne cry, while simultaneously raising the elbow in the finest tradition of Litza (footnotes and all). [Up there with Litza – Ed. And please note Smokie will appear at the footy night at the Willy Lit Festival this Wednesday May 29. Details in the Calendar above.]