Konrad Marshall at the Sportswriter’s Festival: I’ve got a lot to learn…

Kasey Symons went along to hear Konrad Marshall, author of “Yellow & Black: A Season With Richmond” speak at the Sportswriter’s Festival. Could she write a similar book about the team she loves? How do you overcome your bias when writing? Could she write about another club?

Book Club with Konrad Marshall: Listen here

Jack Banister and Gordon Hunter-Merdeith interviewed Konrad Marshall, author of Yellow and Black, A Season with Richmond, for the latest episode of their podcast, The People’s Game. Take a listen.

Wednesday Night Book Club: Yellow and Black

Andy Fuller went to a recent event featuring Konrad Marshall, Caroline Wilson and Geoff Slattery who were discussing Konrad’s book Yellow and Black. Konrad spent a season (and little more) with the club and had terrific access. Here Andy reports on the night.