AFLBJ Under 14 Div 1 Grand Final – Sandgate v Wests: That’s the siren

The siren sounded in the Brisbane Junior Under 14s Grand Final, and then this happened…
[With thanks to Glenn Wagner – Ed]

Footy: the real mayhem used to be after the final siren

Peter Zitterschlager recalls the determination a generation of young footy fans to conquer the outer and the take to the ground for a pat and a kick in the mud.

After the Siren (a sonnet)

It was a different era he was sure, when harder men went one-on-one all day, and some still claim the way they played more pure; You always knew the price you’d have to pay. He’d paid his price for just one shot at glory in ’78; they were unbackable. His shot from twenty would have [Read more]