Round 21 – Hawthorn v Geelong: All aboard

Trucker Slim reveled in the Hawks/Cats rivalry during Saturday’s thriller. He might just be sensing some Glory Days ahead for the Hawks?

What Made Yoshi Play Tennis and the Story of His Playing Days

It’s love-all on the tennis court of our hearts. Why do men do anything? For love, that’s what. A sucker for the ladies in tennis gear, Yoshi picked up a racquet and found a different kind of love.

Current rivalries in great shape

Jackson Clark nominates the modern AFL rivalries that add an extra spice when these teams line up against one another.

AFL Preliminary Final – Hawthorn v Geelong: Brown and Gold bunnies

The Kennett Curse won’t be broken tonight.

The Real Semi-Final Weekend Preview – Feeling a bit dusty!

Sal Ciardulli has the good oil – on Dusty Martin, the Bombers, last weekend’s vanquished, the People’s Finals, and this weekend’s racing. Need a tip? Sal’s your man.

Writers block during the finals: I blame KISS

Much to ponder – Chappy and the MRP, the Alvarez-Mayweather fight, the Kennett Curse – but an inability to put those thoughts on paper. KISS made a fortune out of writers block, why can’t Iron Mike?

Beating the curse

Those buying into the Kennett Curse have been duped. Those acknowledging the curse give it credibility. Hawthorn players and officials don’t buy into it. Nor do their Geelong counterparts.

AFL Round 15 – Melbourne v Sydney: A Sunday stroll in the park

It’s a risky proposition but the Swans seem to be taking their chances this season and showing that they’re not entirely reliant on the premiership side to win. Is it a deliberate strategy by Longmire?

AFL Round 1 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Jeffed again

Bugger, writes Hawks man Kevan Carroll. Jeffed again.

AFL Round 1 – Hawthorn v Geelong: They’re in Our Heads

The streak, Kennett’s curse, is exciting. It’s raw, ferocious and it brings out a savage pleasure in every Cats fan.

Hawthorn vs Geelong preview: It’s been a mean dry spell, but I think it’s gonna rain

I don’t believe in curses or hoodoos but do believe in ‘owning the big moments’. It’s what the Swans did and where I think the Cats have edged the Hawks out as well.

Another purrfect Christmas gift idea

Dips O’Donnell has sent what he assures is a classy Christmas gift featuring epic matches involving Hawthorn. We haven’t had a chance to look at it and can only trust that he’s not being facetious.