Almanac Footy Books (and Lunches): An extract from Matt Zurbo’s ‘Heart & Soul’ – Ken Hunter

Matt Zurbo spent many years chatting to footballers and produced a fine collection of the interviews. A new edition of the book Heart & Soul has been published by Geoff Slattery. This post includes an extract from the book – an interview with Ken Hunter. The book will be celebrated (launched?) at The Footy Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch at the North Fitzroy Arms on July 19. All welcome.

Almanac Footy Teams – Ken-oath they were good!: A Team of Kens

No Barbies here, just Kens! Phil Dimitriadis excells himself once again with a fabulous team of footy Kens.

Footy Almanac Odd Friday Lunch: Ken Hunter ex-Carlton great

The next Footy Almanac Odd Friday Lunch is this Friday, 7th December with special guest ex-Carlton great, Ken Hunter.

1981 – 2016: These Should Not Be Forgotten Years

Richmond starts a new ascent of Everest, from Base Camp, competing alongside 17 other hungry, ambitious mountaineers says Stainless Steele. All start equal and expect no special favours. But for once, the Tigers begin their climb with the certain knowledge that they’ve achieved it before.

Almanac Teams: Aussie Rules butchered by Marvel Studios’ god awful CGI

Have you ever wondered how an AFL team animated by Marvel would line up? Well, wonder no more

Round 3 – Carlton v Essendon: Marching past March

Peter Fuller – Carlton man – reflects on a grinding win in tough conditions. And, remembering a Parkin dictum, takes heart that the future might be better than March suggested.

Almanac Books: Champions All Extract – Ken Hunter on depression

Old Dog’s book, Champions All is finally out. 700 pages of punchy stories from 171 legends of the game over 8 decades of AFL/VFL footy. The honesty in it is often overwhelming. History often looks very different from the inside. Today, Ken Hunter on Depression.

Even Carlton Greats

This is the most important piece Old Dog has ever written for the Footy Almanac. Everybody should read it.

When men were men and mud was mud

This rant has been brewing for some time. It stirs every time I walk past Princes Park. Every time I see or hear Andrew Demetriou. Every time an unnecessary 50 metre penalty is paid. And every time I visit Etihad Stadium (which is infrequently). Yes, this is the nostalgic rant of a 30-something footy fan [Read more]