An Impossible Evening – The ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Final

Peter Cahill was always a fan of the traditional, longer forms of cricket. All that changed when he attended the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Final earlier this month.

The 2016 Adam Weishaupt Cup – Round Nineteen

Now Earl O’Neill takes a trip upriver via Illuminati symbolism, reptilian AAMI smiles and Katy Perry. [Just go with it – Ed].

Summer in the City

Broken toes, mangled fingers, Katy Perry and the Superbowl. Just a snapshot of Earl O’Neills Summer.

Super Bowl XLIX: The Time Has Come

Justin Fris was one of the millions around the world glued to a television screen to watch Super Bowl XLIX. Justin presents the view from Gilligan’s Pub in Cairns.