The Accident at Tashi Lapsa Pass – Part 13: Recovery and ‘Home’

The concluding chapter of Louise Currie’s harrowing experience trekking the Tashi Lapsa Pass in Kathmandu.

The Accident at Tashi Lapsa Pass – Part 12: The ICU

After a complicated surgery process, Louise is taken to the postoperative recovery ward where a difficult night awaits.

The Accident at Tashi Lapsa Pass – Part Ten: ‘Policies’ and ‘Procedures’

Having finally arrived at Hospital, the full extent of Louise’s injury becomes clearer. And then the ‘fun’ truly begins.

The Accident at Tashi Lapsa Pass – Part Nine: Treatment in Kathmandu

Despite a raft of setbacks, Louise finally makes it to a hospital in Kathmandu for treatment on her broken leg.

The Accident at Tashi Lapsa Pass – Part Eight: Journey to Hospital

In part seven of The Accident, Louise – now reunited with her husband Bijay and daughter Shanaia – begins the journey from the helicopter to the hospital. If you think that doesn’t sound like a big deal, you’ve obviously never driven in a developing country…

The Accident at Tashi Lapsa Pass – Part Seven: “Ready to Go?”

It’s finally time for the medi-vac Helicopter to fly Louise and her rescue team back down the mountain and to hospital in Kathmandu.

The Accident at Tashi Lapso Pass, Part Four: Thangbo

With badly broken tibia and fibula bones, Louise Currie, Lakpa and Uttum are currently 0-2 in the ‘luck’ stakes. First, no mobile phone coverage and in part three, no helicopter for an air-evacuation and urgently needed medical treatment. In part four, Plan B turns out to be every bit as treacherous as getting off the [Read more]

The Accident At Tashi Lapso Pass, Part Three: Rescue In A Doko

In part two Lakpa Sherpa and his team desperately began to improvise a way to get Louise off the Ngole glacier. In part three, Louise recalls some of the most harrowing moments of her ordeal.

Collingwood v Geelong Grand Final: 01/10/11 – Kathmandu, Nepal

By Evan Davies Forty-five minutes to the first bounce. 45 (Cameron Ling) minutes to get from one side of Kathmandu to the other.  Kathmandu is not a big city, so the distance itself should not be an issue.  Kathmandu is, however, a busy, dense and congested city. A city with the population of Melbourne in [Read more]