Almanac Photography: Why sport matters (Kids trying their hearts out).

Just a few things that sport offers, as captured by photographer Pierre Bradley at a recent Under 10 girls soccer match.

Why do we play Sport?

David G is confronted by the trend in bad behaviour at junior sporting events.

Banning headers: Why a decision in California matters to your sports club.

Hamish Neal giving us the heads up on the real issue behind soccer’s ban of headers.

Well played that man

I hope that Almanac community can allow a little indulgence on my behalf as I share with you a story that I’m sure many of you have similarly experienced as parents. It might also go some way to explaining to the uninitiated why golf is the most addictive sport ever invented. I’ve got two kids, [Read more]

Link: Junior Players in Demand

The competing interests of local sports clubs and private schools is a long standing issue. Private schools have priorities which often affect the availability of players for their local teams. The recent rise of junior pathways and elite development squads in many sports has added to the confusion. This Age article examines some of the ins and outs of [Read more]