Almanac Junior Footy: The unsuspecting victims of Coronavirus

Plenty of events are being delayed, cancelled or morphed into a new form under the spectre of coronavirus. Steve Earl turns his attention to just one – kids putting on a jumper for the first time to have a crack at playing footy.

Kids4: Empty Nights

What does Matt Zurbo suggest when hardly any players turn up for training?

Message to Coaches

As junior footy leagues start winding up for 2015, the Almanac received this open letter to junior football coaches everywhere, from a football coach’s wife.

Bringing back the love…

Sometimes we all need a reminder about why we love footy. For some people, they may need this gentle nudge weekly. Over the weekend, at AFL level, many Hawthorn, St Kilda and Essendon supporters may have felt the need to stop loving footy, or question the relationship they have with the game. Elsewhere, Richmond supporters [Read more]

I’m still standing

And so it came to pass, that Guy McKenna was all alone. Not just in the AFL ranks, as he’s been the only winless coach for a number of weeks, and it seems that they’ll again need the words to the song written up on cue cards should they break the drought in 2012. After [Read more]

Feeling Hird, but looking Neeld

There’s a line Chris Cornell sings in a Soundgarden song that goes “I’m looking California, but feeling Minnesota.” Well, right now, I am trying to look James Hird but I’m feeling more Mark Neeld. My first year of junior football coaching has yielded an 0 and 9 start, and I fear the boys have forgotten [Read more]