Finals Week 2 – The (insert names here) Cups

For the second successive week in a row back to back, this weekend’s finals lack incentive according to Swish. Once more again, he’s come up with some awards for the winners, based on players who have played for both sides. Any better suggestions?

Round 23 – Adelaide v West Coast: Optimistically and Misty-Optically

Mickey Randall can take a tiny amount of comfort from the coincidence that Jonathan Giles is a Kapunda boy, although Mickey is not from a parsonage himself. It was a flogging at the Adelaide Oval as the sombre tone suggested as the congregation walked away. A fine night for Eagles fans and Dennis Cometti appreciaters.

Round 20 – Essendon v Adelaide: A Bradman win at Etihad by the Crows

Blacks, Greys and the Bombers are blue. Rulebook covers the Crows’ biggest ever win in Melbourne and imparts a couple of blows to the AFL and everyone’s favourite coach while he’s at it.

AFL Round 12 – GWS Giants v Port Adelaide: Boys against men

For all the talk of the Giants becoming a powerhouse, Earl O’Neill sees gaping holes in their list. Still, their opponents across the bridge have shown how quickly it can be turned around.