Almanac Soccer: Melbourne City for the cup! (Or how I learned to stop worrying and enjoy the soccer)

John Gordon first became interested in soccer in the 70s watching English soccer on late night TV, now he eagerly follows his son who is a keen soccer player.

Book Review: Football and War: Australia and Vietnam 1967-72. A missing part of the national narrative.

Dennis Gedling, in reviewing Roy Hay’s latest book, tells the story of a little known Australian soccer sorty. [Informative review of an informative book – JTH]

A Missing Part of a Bigger Picture

A timely reminder from Roy Hay of Soccer’s contribution to Australian servicemen on the front-lines; the Australian soccer team’s trip to the Independence Day tournament in Saigon. Sappers sweeping the pitch for land-mines, the Viet Cong watching from the sidelines and Diggers on guard duty with orders to shoot anyone who stops on their bicycle outside the Aussie barracks. A neglected chapter of the sport and service narrative we remember on ANZAC Day.

Johnny Warren 10 Years On

Vaughan Menlove celebrates the life and contribution of Johnny Warren to the development of the World Game in Australia, on the 10th anniversary of Johnny’s passing.