Almanac Music – Tamworth 2019: it’s all about the yarn

From Bushwackers to cricket watching receptionists, Andrew Starkie and his mate Defa, enjoy their annual sojourn to the country music capitial of Australia. Its got the lot!

Almanac Music – Tamworth: Inspiring

Andrew Starkie on the revitalising power of the Tamworth Music Festival.

Almanac Music: Let’s straighten up this crap music discussion on namby-pamby derivative bull sh!t tunes

My heart is so swollen I’m overcome. I’d forgotten how much I missed Queensland. This is yet another piece which demonstrates the Almanac is an international site (are you with me on the six nations?). Last year we had a real Crow-eater theme for a while – which added much to the conversation. Now Archie waves the flag from the Deep North with his eight greats of music featuring such greats as Hey Hey We’re the Broncos from The Ipswich Connection. [Absolute cracker – JTH]